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SEO Freelancer in Chennai: SEO – Search Engine Optimization, this is the modern day mantra for marketing. Search engines have completely turned over the concept of marketing on its head. It is not anymore process of exposing the business or brand to wide a range of people; it is mainly an act of drawing customers towards the business. In technical terms, it is more inbound than outbound. SEO is the method or process of increasing the visibility of the website or webpage among the organic ranking of the SERP (Search engine results page). SEO process and analysis is now a major part of every company’s digital marketing process or strategy. It is practically impossible to run a marketing campaign without considering the Digital marketing aspect, especially the SEO process, since virtually every business organization has a website and running its own web based operations.


If you are still wondering why you should opt for SEO services, I understand your concern and I will explain you why.

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SEO is Not A Simple Task

The SEO process is not a simple task, it requires trained to professionals to analyze, monitor, strategize and carry out the optimization process. It is not a one step or one time solution; it is a continuous and dynamic process that requires long term commitment. It also needs sharp understanding of the analytics and efficient reporting of the same. There are a lot of companies in the modern day digital marketing field that provide specialized services in SEO. SEO experts in India are fast catching up with these trends, especially SEO freelancer in Chennai and i'm one of the top ranked SEO expert in Chennai.


  • SEO services tailored to your needs.
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  • Wide range of specialized on-site and off-site SEO techniques.
  • Completely ethical SEO practices.
  • Low cost SEO freelancer in chennai for small business.
  • Easily understandable and transparent reporting.

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Key SEO Practices

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Detailed keyword research – From identifying related generic keywords to finding broad match and long-tail keywords, I do it all.

Page optimization – Page optimization is one of the major aspects of SEO. Page titles, meta- descriptions and URL optimization are some our best practices in this regard.

Content Audit – Content should be the primary focus for best results Search Engine Ranking. The content should be absolutely relevant, fresh and engaging to attract and retain visitors. Crafting such content is both and art and science, I understand its importance and I provide the best insights.

Technical Audit – Technological aspects play an important role in the SEO process too. Factors such as page loading speed, mobile friendliness and the page construction and design have a huge impact on optimization process.  

Accurate Measurement (Analytics) – The process of optimization does not stop at formulation and implementation of strategies, it requires constant measurement for and improvement in accordance with the dynamic sector and I are very keen on identifying results.

Inbound and outbound links – Internal links helps you retain and engage the visitor for longer periods of time. This also helps the visitor to potentially turn into a customer or follower as it often is used as a call-to-action. External links work in a different way, high quality external links helps you build trust and credibility with the visitors.

SEO Expert in Chennai

Most of the finest SEO freelancer in tamil nadu are located in the city of Chennai. Chennai is a major hub for digital marketing sector in the Southern India. The city is seeing an exponential growth of startups and digitalized companies in the recent years. Majority of the new companies tend to go for the digitized business and marketing process. It is important to focus on the SEO techniques for a company to be visible and stand out from the rest of the competition. Thus, there is also a steep increase in demand for SEO freelancer in Chennai. Not just for any service, but for quality SEO freelancer in chennai, the space I particularly thrive in.

I call our-self as one of the finest SEO freelancer in Chennai. I focus on providing SEO services at unmatched levels of quality and efficiency. I'm aware of the fact that Chennai housed a wide range of companies from small startups to unicorn startups to tech and software giants. I also understand the needs and abilities of the wide range on organizations that seek the SEO services. Of course every company has their own website, immaterial of its size and each one of them wants it to be ranked among the top of Search Engine Result Page.   I have tailored SEO service packages for every kind of demand. Providing specialized services according to the clients’ need is where I thrive and that is what has made me a top SEO consultant in Chennai. I have also been identified, in multiple occasions as one of the best SEO expert in Tamil Nadu.

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Impressed with his work!

Impressed on work, impossible things can happen, when he starts doing SEO

Boobala Krishnan

Mr. Sankar will solve all your problem related to the website seo and ranking.. when my website is dropping from visitors and sales, I just reached Mr. Sankar.

He found the issue and root cause of my problem within 24 hours and completely solved my problem within a couple of weeks.

Thanks for your support.

Aravind A

I definitely recommend his service

I definitely recommend his service if you're looking for an affordable SEO services with results in the city. He ranked our site in top 3 position for many keywords with white hat techniques. Looking forward to work with him again.

Mohan Raj